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Worship me....

....and want no more.

Spoil Me rotten, give Me control!
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This is a community for the worthless little sissies that are My slaves!
If you wish to be My slave, you must ask permission first.
At this moment, I am looking for Money slaves....

Money slaves who send many gifts are fine. Money slaves who work out their finances with me and send a certain amount a week are better!
Money slaves who give me COMPLETE CONTROL over their finances are PERFECT.

In return you get humiliation of the worst kind!

This community is for:

-Posting about your finances, and how you are planning them around Me.
-Keeping your Mistress/Goddess updated with everything.
-Requesting humiliation/training/etc in return for being a money slave.
-your Mistress/Goddess to post things/pictures/videos of her slaves to humiliate them!
-your Mistress/Goddess to post pictures of Herself with Her real life slave, pictures of Her with Her gifts, pictures of Her going around and spending your money, as well as videos of these things! It will be rather interactive! (these will all be posted as friends/slaves only, so you will need to log in and be a part of this community to see them!)

Now, join up, you filthy pathetic little man! Pay your dues to your Mistress!
You have no future, as you are a stupid little loser with no where to go....
This is where you belong, and I will continue to own you until you are milked DRY!